Comenius Gdańsk

1 . 6.- 10.10.2008 in Gdansk

The subject of the meeting in Gdansk was mainly the presentation of Polish system of education in technical schools. Partners took part in a meeting with Pomeranian technical schools teachers in Forum Okretowe, where Ms Wasilewska presented a multimedia display ‘Technical education oriented towards contemporary European job market.’ Other discussed issues were the main directions and methods of work in schools in Gdansk and Gdynia as well as in Germany, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania and Hungary.

During our meetings in Conradinum we explained the idea of inter-subjet paths and practical education to our visitors from the partner countries. Ms Jasienska led 5-hour lesson block in business English, where she presented the method of joining knowledge and skills with the usage of information technology (overhead projector, digital camera, audio equipment). The students learnt to write a letter of application, prepared a quiz ‚What type is your intelligence?’ and prepared a series of crosswords which can be useful in acquiring professional language.

During practical activities Ms Banach and Mr Szymczyk demonstrated how students of Conradinum use theoretical knowledge in workshops even at the very beginning of their education.

For Gdansk conference needs Ms Urbanska and Ms Kuczkowska-Tyszka prepared a multimedia presentation ‘Learning for life in Conradinum’ and prepared a CD with didactic materials for learning business English.

The next issue during the conference in Gdansk was finding out the method of sending and publicising information concerning didactic activities of a given school. The teachers involved in the Comenius project were trained how to use pdf format and internet blog etc. It was agreed that each school will be preparing their own information channel on the common Socrates server as a part of the realisation of given tasks.

Students of our school taking part in the program prepared a trip around Gdansk for our guests. They talked about the history of Gdansk in English and showed the most significant monuments.