Comenius Papa

2 . 17- 21. 11.2008 in the town of Papa in Hungary

In the meeting in Hungary there were two Polish students Stanislaw Siedlicki and Michal Wilkowski and two teachers Ms Kuczkowska-Tyszka and Ms Agnieszka Apanowicz.

The conference of the partners of the school project ‘Comenius’ concentrated on intersubject paths which are followed in the host school. The main topics were ‘the knowledge of culture’and on shaping desired aesthetic attitudes by introducing the information about dance, music, literature and sport into the school curriculum.

We were invited to take part in the following lessons: English language, German language, physics and maths.

We also visited the famous library which the school takes pride in. The oldest books there come from the 14 th century.

There was also the first aid presentation and folk dance performance by the students of the Papa school, followed by a dance class.

a folk dance class

We took part in sport activities like swimming, volleyball, football or darts. Our hosts invited us to visit their town and showed us the most significant and interesting places. We also had a chance to visit the capital, Budapest, especially the magnificent Castle Hill and the museum ‘House of Horror’. There we saw an interesting exhibition about Nazi and Soviet invasions in Hungary. We also visited ‘The Palace of Wonders’ an interactive museum of physics experiments.

During the conference the teachers took part in the next training concerning pdf format and internet blog.

Besides we established the real possibilities of cooperation with partner schools, we decided on our individual contribution and we agreed on the final dates of completion of all the tasks required by the project. Ms Kuczkowska-Tyszka and Ms Apanowicz presented:

5-point plan of the completion of the 2-year Socrates – Comenius Project. They discussed the following issues:

  • professional education
  • peer cooperation
  • education – knowledge – practice
  • preparation and completion of practical activities (including the student exchange with partner schools)
  • individual student supervision

In the future we will take part in the following meetings of our partner schools:

  1. 16-20.02.2009 Denmark (Slangerup)
  2. 23-27.03.2009 Lithuania (Kaunas)
  3. 21-25 09.2009 Greece (Trikala)
  4. 8-12.02.2010 Germany (Lübeck)
  5. 26-30.04.2010 Lithuania ( Kaunas )